Friday, July 29

Chunky Wool Blanket

It isn't always necessary to search for the most intricate and complicated stitches or pattern in order to make beautiful knit items.

Simple stitches like knit and purl can be used for anything and still be awe inspiring.  I chose these two basic stitches after looking online for inspiration for a blanket pattern.  I spotted this video on Youtube and I fell in love right away.  I had to do it!

Of course, my needles are smaller and I didn't use multple strands of yarn held together.  What I did have at hand, though, worked out pretty well and I'm happy with it.

15mm circular knitting needles
10 balls of Himalaya Combo

Cast on 60 stitches.

Row 1.  Knit 4, purl 4.  Repeat for every single row until the work measures the length specified or the length you desire.

43.3 in / 110 cms width
57.1 in / 145 cms length

Find the finished product here.

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