Wednesday, November 18

I'm still fumbling my way around the Ravelry site.  I posted a free pattern on there tonight but I can't see where I can upload the file.  I can add Craftsy's link but I'm not sure if that's a big no no, so, to play it safe, I've added my Blogger link instead and from here, you can be taken to Craftsy to download the file directly.

I truly hope you enjoy the pattern.  Let me know your thoughts on it.  Though, I must warn you, it hasn't been tested by another knitter other than myself.  I have gone through the pattern a number of times and it looked good.  Still, if I've missed anything, I'll correct it.

Anyhow, a little about this pattern.  It was designed exclusively for Craftsy for their launch of a new yarn line called Cloudborn Fibers.

Cloudborn Fibers has launched and the yarn looks amazing.  Take a look, if you will, and you'll see what I mean. 


Amber Rose said...

Hi just started this pattern and can't seem to work out how to get the 12 stitches required to knit the two together in the first repeat of the pattern as in first 4 knit Rows of pattern only 11 stitches required in first repeat. Hope this makes sense. Any help would be great. TIA

Amber Rose said...

This is row 10 of the pattern

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