Tuesday, February 11

i want a knitting machine, but...

My husband planted the idea of buying a knitting machine in my head.  The first time, which was months ago, I brushed the idea off.  It didn't seem realistic nor a probability that we could afford a thousand or so euros to buy one.

Anyhow, the topic came up again and for some reason, I liked the idea.  I liked the potential of being able to knit jumpers and much more with ease and speed.

So after researching a little, I found there is no need to purchase a machine so expensive.  For a beginner like me, an LK-150 will in fact, suffice for a start.  These seem like slightly complex machines to learn, so buying anything expensive would be completely nuts.

I'm eyeing a Silver Reed LK-150 knitting machine from Lionbrand.com.  The price seems pretty reasonable and at some point, I would like to own one. 

Wishful thinking that my husband will surprise me..

What do you do?

I met an Indian dentist the other night and after the introductions, he asked me what I do.  I answered, "I'm a housewife!"  ...