Friday, September 19

a skirt or a cowl?

How would you wear this piece?  As a skirt or as a cowl?
The original idea was for a versatile crochet cowl and hood but it works well as a skirt over a pair of jeans.
It's lovely either way.


Fine photgraphy by Patty McGuire
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Wednesday, September 17

perfect for fall

I found a yarn that I could make the pattern with once again.  It's acrylic but I like that it's multicolored.  It has nice Fall colors.

My local shop carries this yarn in another 3 more color variations and  I will make them all!  I want to build stock a.s.a.p and offer them as available to ship instead of made to order.

I'm not sure how many people are turned away if they have to wait days for their order to be shipped out.

So, this is my goal and I will try to stick to it to see how it goes.

Sunday, September 14

crochet lacy scarf is a great source for inspiration for a new project.  They have so many patterns available and they're free.

A pattern that I found and tried was the crochet lacy scarf pattern.  I created it with a soft chunky yarn (image below) and it worked out beautifully.  I only wish I had the same yarn so I can crochet it again.  It has gorgeous Fall colors.

I am, however,  planning to use a different yarn to see how it will turn out.

The pattern is below if you want to try it.  Let me know how it goes for you.

Or...if you don't crochet but would love the scarf for yourself, you've come to the right place!.

1 pattern rep = about 3 in. (7.5 cm). BE SURE TO CHECK YOUR GAUGE. When you match the gauge in a pattern, your project will be the size specified in the pattern and the materials specified in the pattern will be sufficient. If it takes you fewer stitches and rows to make a 4 in. [10 cm] square, try using a smaller size hook or needles; if more stitches and rows, try a larger size hook or needles.

Ch 19.
Row 1: Dc in 5th ch from hook (first 4 skipped chs make turning ch-sp), dc in next ch, *(dc, ch 3, dc) in next ch, skip next ch, dc in next 2 ch; rep from * across to last ch, dc in last ch - 3 pattern reps at the end of this row.
Row 2: Ch 4 (for turning ch-sp), turn, *(3 dc, ch 3, dc) in next ch-3 sp; rep from * across to turning ch-sp, 3 dc in turning ch-sp.
Rep last row until nearly all yarn has been used. Fasten off.

Weave in ends. 

Friday, September 12


Well, I'm finally getting back into the swing of things now that Summer is over.  I've published my newest pattern on both Craftsy and Ravelry!  I named it the Ariadne Fluted Cowl.

It's the first pattern I've actually given a name to and I really like the concept of naming all my patterns after greek mythological figures.  (I find it very fitting considering what my name is and where I come from).  

It's perfect.

So, who was Ariadne?  Very briefly, Ariadne was a goddess.  Daughter of  Minos and  Pasiphae. She was mostly associated with mazes and labyrinths, and was said to be the savior of would-be sacrificial victims.

I hope you enjoy this pattern if you choose to try it!

Fine photgraphy by Patty McGuire
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