Thursday, September 19

green finger

I'm no green finger when it comes to planting flower seeds, rose seeds in particular, but how hard could it be?  Errors will be made, they certainly will. And most likely, many many pots will be thrown out.  But with so much information available online, it's easy to narrow it down to the basic needs of growing a rose plant from a seed.

And so, I have prepared and planted quite a few pots and with a bit of luck and patience, they will sprout.  But only if they are good seeds.  It remains to be seen if they are.  

Till then, I'll continue to learn new things about planting roses and hoepfully I'll be good at it.

Unfortunately, the little green leaf in the photo wasn't a little sprout.  It's too bad because I thought it was and I got excited about it.  I'll get there.


What do you do?

I met an Indian dentist the other night and after the introductions, he asked me what I do.  I answered, "I'm a housewife!"  ...