Wednesday, November 6

DIY this year!

When purchasing gifts for family and friends, many of us seek to purchase gifts we consider our recipients have a need for and will love.  We will visit the store, buy the select items, wrap them up and present them when the time comes.   And that is totally OK.

However, more and more people are opting towards DIY gifts these days, and there is a myriad of reasons for doing so.

In my mind, first and foremost, is the satisfaction it gives to offer a gift created by my very own hands.  The time, effort and emotion involved in creating that gift makes it unique and special.

Sure, our commercially bought gifts will be loved, but our DIY gifts will be treasured and appreciated more and will remain forever!

Add a little thought and creativity this year and make your own gifts, too.

So much talent presides on Craftsy; it will be easy to find that special DIY project! There are so many patterns of all skill levels to choose from and my Craftsy Outlet to the right, will enable you to find the right materials to make it all happen.  Make sure you browse through it.  Feel free to visit my patterns outlet, too.

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