Sunday, May 26

pattern store

I have my very own pattern store on Craftsy.  I've added my first pattern and will be adding more soon.  Take a peek.
(I'll also let you in on a little secret.  These slippers can be purchased for less on Craftsy than on Etsy where I have them)  
But shhh. :)

Click to be taken there.

Friday, May 24

soooo warm!

This is the latest knit neck warmer I whipped up the passed few days. It's so warm and gorgeous. I think I'll focus my attention on creating these till I get bored of making them.

In fact, I'm all set to go for the next one. Yarn, buttons and all.  I've purchased a much chunkier yarn than the yarn used in this neckwarmer. I'm trying out different knit stitches to see what I'll be happy with in order to create the neckwarmer.

Will keep you posted. This lovely is available for purchase in my Etsy store.

What do you do?

I met an Indian dentist the other night and after the introductions, he asked me what I do.  I answered, "I'm a housewife!"  ...