Thursday, August 23

Friday fill in we go!

1. When _____  I was a child, life was so much simpler..
2. Where _____ do people get off telling you what is best for you?
3. How _____  many mysteries in this world are yet to be discovered?
4. Why _____  can't people find it in their hearts to be forgiving?
5. Time _____ and time again.
6. What if _____ I threw all caution to the wind and dared to go after what my heart and mind wanted, would I go and 'break my neck'?
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to _____  SLEEP, tomorrow my plans include _____ running for errands and more errands and Sunday, I want to _____  do something a little different from the usual

Want to take part in the fun, too?

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