Tuesday, December 19

What do you do?

I met an Indian dentist the other night and after the introductions, he asked me what I do.  I answered, "I'm a housewife!"  I added that someone has to take care of the hub and children.  He smiled and nodded in agreement.
Taking care of the family and home is a huge job in itself.  It isn't easy.  But yes, I'd take a paying job anytime to keep my sanity but without knowing the French language, it's impossible to find one.
I'll need to learn...ohh what fun it will be to be a student again in my fourties!

When it rains, it pours in Congo

It rains a lot in Lubumbashi, Congo!  It rained all night and it's still raining.

Lubumbashi has a humid subtropical climate with warm rainy summers and pleasant, dry winters with rainfall occuring during summer and early autumn.

It's the period my family and I arrived here - almost a month ago.  In another six, my bags will be packed and I'll be headed back home.  I can't WAIT!

It's been quite a transition from living on a mountainous little island in Greece to living on one of the world's largest continents - Africa.

The neighborhoods are different and so are the people.  Some neighborhoods remind me of dirty slums while others are decent.  Some people are polite and others are indifferent to your presence.

While Congo is vast and green and although the roads nearby are decent, with the exception of a few structural problems, when it rains, the side walks and roads are covered in red mud making it difficult to walk around without getting your feet dirty.

It isn't an issue for me but it is for the locals who probably don't have other means to get around.  It could be so, or they simply don't care.

Friday, July 29

Chunky Wool Blanket

It isn't always necessary to search for the most intricate and complicated stitches or pattern in order to make beautiful knit items.

Simple stitches like knit and purl can be used for anything and still be awe inspiring.  I chose these two basic stitches after looking online for inspiration for a blanket pattern.  I spotted this video on Youtube and I fell in love right away.  I had to do it!

Of course, my needles are smaller and I didn't use multple strands of yarn held together.  What I did have at hand, though, worked out pretty well and I'm happy with it.

15mm circular knitting needles
10 balls of Himalaya Combo

Cast on 60 stitches.

Row 1.  Knit 4, purl 4.  Repeat for every single row until the work measures the length specified or the length you desire.

43.3 in / 110 cms width
57.1 in / 145 cms length

Find the finished product here.

Sunday, June 12

I had this scarf in the works during Winter.  I worked on it on and off throughout because it was a busy season.  Everyone wanted a scarf twice the size of this for themselves or for friends.  Not complaining really.  I was thrilled!

So now, it's complete and waiting to be photographed and posted online.  It will be availble in my shop and as a pattern for Craftsy, Ravelry and Loveknitting.

It has to wait a little longer though because I'm working on a new custom order. A new design that I will offer in my shop.

God, I love what I do!

Wednesday, November 18

I'm still fumbling my way around the Ravelry site.  I posted a free pattern on there tonight but I can't see where I can upload the file.  I can add Craftsy's link but I'm not sure if that's a big no no, so, to play it safe, I've added my Blogger link instead and from here, you can be taken to Craftsy to download the file directly.

I truly hope you enjoy the pattern.  Let me know your thoughts on it.  Though, I must warn you, it hasn't been tested by another knitter other than myself.  I have gone through the pattern a number of times and it looked good.  Still, if I've missed anything, I'll correct it.

Anyhow, a little about this pattern.  It was designed exclusively for Craftsy for their launch of a new yarn line called Cloudborn Fibers.

Cloudborn Fibers has launched and the yarn looks amazing.  Take a look, if you will, and you'll see what I mean. 

Friday, September 19

a skirt or a cowl?

How would you wear this piece?  As a skirt or as a cowl?
The original idea was for a versatile crochet cowl and hood but it works well as a skirt over a pair of jeans.
It's lovely either way.


Fine photgraphy by Patty McGuire
Website & contact info:

Wednesday, September 17

perfect for fall

I found a yarn that I could make the pattern with once again.  It's acrylic but I like that it's multicolored.  It has nice Fall colors.

My local shop carries this yarn in another 3 more color variations and  I will make them all!  I want to build stock a.s.a.p and offer them as available to ship instead of made to order.

I'm not sure how many people are turned away if they have to wait days for their order to be shipped out.

So, this is my goal and I will try to stick to it to see how it goes.